Workshop at Collin College

My friend, and former colleague at UNT, was kind enough to invite me to do a mini workshop for his students at Collin College.  I did some demos on making stencils, creating stamps and using them on soft slabs to create vessels. 

I must admit that the idea of giving a full-on 2 hour workshop was intimidating, having never done one before.  I tried to stay calm and casual, and I hope that my fun-loving, relaxed attitude rubbed off on the students.  I was really grateful to have the experience of giving a workshop, to see if it was something worth pursuing in the future.  I think the whole thing went well, the students were attentive and asked great questions, I was able to work and talk at the same time (doing 2 things at once isn't my strong suit), and everyone seemed excited to learn the techniques I was showing.  Oh, and the demo piece I made wasn't that bad either :). 

I'm always amazed by how much I learn about my own work and process through demos.  What a great venue to experiment with technique and reevaluate process! Using only hand building during this demo has made me consider using soft slab techniques in my own work.  I also got the chance to use red clay for the first time in years, and am dying to make some red pieces!

A big thanks to Jason Hyde for giving me this awesome opportunity!  I'll be heading back into my studio with renewed energy and ideas.